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By Mercedes Fox (With excerpt from book 2 in The Eidelon Series)

Roliath by Amber Schunk Clubb breaks vampire stereotypes with this intriguing literary take. Alex is a reporter pulled into a case by his friend Steve to find a woman named Geannifer, based on a photo from the 1800s, and she may or may not be immortal. When he meets Geannifer, she looks exactly like the old photo, but she can’t really be a vampire, can she? During an impromptu interview, Alex learns that vampires (as we know them) are called Eidelon and they aren’t the bloodthirsty seducers history has painted them. They have clans and laws. They blend into human society. As Geannifer tells her story, Alex learns not only her origins, but the origin of a town called Roliath.

Amber Schunk Clubb brings a twist the vampire tale. Vampires are typically seen as bloodthirsty, attractive and seductive romantic interests, or the villains of a horror tale (who also happen to be seductive). Roliath shows an intellectual, literary side to vampires. Schunk Clubb blends oral tradition with prose, switching back and forth between Geannifer telling her story to flashbacks happening in time. Perfect for lovers of vampires and thoughtful literature! Roliath explores vampires in depth, pulling back layers to their characteristics and culture. The vampires in this story aren’t your typical immortals that live their lives hiding in the shadows or using ‘animal attacks’ as a way to hide. They live amongst humans in clans with a set of laws that they get punished for if broken. Roliath is thought provoking, unique, charming, and with a lovely hint of romance. 

By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

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By Key Jeffreys

Roliath is a vampire novel and a stunning entry in The Eidelon Series by Amber Schunk Clubb, a book that will come across to fans of vampire stories as both a surprise and a delight. First, the author breaks the popular myths about vampires and makes them live in an intangible way in the society of normal men. The conflict that the characters experience results hugely from their unseen presence in a world of men, in their resolve to protect their kind by avoiding ruthless killing just to feed. Second, the author creates characters that are not just interesting but real, and fans will be longing to find out more about them and to fantasize about their world. Third, the story is both fast-paced and interesting, and the reader will want to rush through the pages, but the beautiful writing is a lure in itself.

This epic story chronicles the life of a clan of vampires, the Eidelon, exploring the depths of one of the greatest of their kind. Readers are introduced to Geannifer Whitlence, Roliath and many other powerful vampires. But the high stakes in this novel are construed around an old- age conflict between the Eidelon and the Osirians. The story transports readers to a world where myth becomes alive, and fictional characters take on solid flesh.

I couldn’t help but think about Amber Schunk Clubb in the ranks of Christopher Pike and his arresting series Thirst. The conflict is so beautifully developed and as readers get into the story, they are introduced to a whole new and interesting world, with its laws and customs, a world with its taboos also, a solid cast of characters, and a very rich plot. Roliath is a captivating story that will delight fans of the supernatural and vampire tales. A well-crafted and epic tale of struggle and triumph! 

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...

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