By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...


Amber Schunk-Clubb was born and raised in Colorado where she found her love for writing as a young child.  From poetry to short stories she always found unique ways to put her imagination into words.  What started out as something to do in her free time quickly became a passion as she got older.  Going into high school where she had more options, she took creative writing courses and specialty classes to help her with her passion for writing.

In the beginning of her Junior year in high school she moved to California and continued with her personal writing ventures.  She took another creative writing class offered her Senior year, feeling as though that she couldn't have been luckier to land the class.  Unlike any other class she took in the past, this teacher gave assignments given on college levels and was able to broaden the way she thought and wrote.  Teachers can make such a great impact on a students life and the lessons she learned is still valued to this very day.

After she graduated she continued to live out her life for 13 years, continuing with her writing off and on as life allowed.  Then she made a move to relocate to Missouri where she still resides with her husband and two step children.

After many years of continuous writing and creating the world of Eidelon she met her husband.  He gave her the push she needed to concentrate more on her writing and the time to devote herself to it.  With his love, encouragement and devotion to her talent they decided together to make the necessary steps to move forward with Roliath.