By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...


​​Roliath is the first of a five book series that introduces us to the world of Eidelon. For centuries people have always viewed vampires as monsters who can only go outside when it’s dark, can be killed with a stake through the heart and can be harmed with garlic and holy water. They have no reflections in mirrors and sleep in coffins.  In order to survive, they feed off of humans, drain them of their blood and kill them.  But as Alex Keen is told about the past of Geannifer Whitlence he quickly learns that all of the myths, legends and stories about vampires were all just lies covering up the truth. Even the name they go by; Vampires!

They are called Eidelon and they live out their lives everyday right along the side of the human race with many similarities. Just like the human race they have different races/clans. They live with rulers, leaders and followers, they even have laws and a legal system of their own. In fact, one of the most important laws is that it is forbidden to kill anyone from the human race. While they do have to feed off of humans to live, they do not have to kill them in order to do so.

Not only does Alex learn the truth about Eidelon, how they live and what their talents are. He also gets all of the answers that he has been looking for when it came to Geannifer Whitlence. After hearing the stories of how she started Roliath, how her Eidelon life began and how she became who she is today.  He also discovers a little truth behind who one of his friends might really be.

In present day Geannifer Whitlence is an Eidelon in the Azeron clan who possesses talents and abilities that no other Eidelon is capable of. Some come close, or are capable of similar things, but none can come close to what she is truly capable of. Roliath is in a sense an origin story of how Geannifer Whitlence became who she is today. How she met Devon, her life long partner since Roliath’s beginning; Andrea, her best friend and Progeny. As well as all of the main characters that still travel with her in present day and how their life long battle with the Osirians began.