By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...

The story continues in Secrets Unveiled, book 2 of The Eidelon Series.  It begins exactly where Roliath left off in present day and Geann is in that meadow where she discovers who Steve really is. As she continues the night, she uncovers all of the secrets from her past and confronts them head on.  By the end of the night she reveals a few secrets of her own and leads an attack against the Osirian City hidden underneath Toronto.

Any un-answered questions left over from
Roliath will be answered in Secrets Unveiled.  What are all of the missing pieces to Geann’s transition?  Why are the Osirians after her to begin with?  Why has Steve been following Geann and who is he really?  Find out in Secrets Unveiled and much, much more, even the small things are answered.  Why did she wake up on a couch in the middle of nowhere? Why was there a random table and knife in that cave?  What has Geann and the others been up to since Roliath to now?

Secrets Unveiled not only answers any questions left over from Roliath, but, leaves you thirsty for more! Discover what Geann has in store for the Osirians and meet the newest members to join her group.