By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...

The world of Eidelon and all of the characters in it is something that took many, many years to create.  In fact, it was never originally intended to be a series.  When ROLIATH was originally written, it was simply just an 8 page hand written short story titled "Become What You're Supposed To Be."  It was written for an assignment given in high school and after graduation it was slowly added onto as Amber felt she could do more with the base storyline she created.  Very quickly it became a 70 page story where the characters were still typical "vampires". 

Amber still felt that the overall storylines were falling short of what it could really become.  Over the years she slowly came up with more details and overall theme to the story.  Like many authors, Amber took inspiration from various things over the years and twisted, turned and molded them into a new creation of her own... The world of Eidelon!  After she got a base idea of how she wanted to turn the themes of the story to, she slowly found herself creating continuous storylines for multiple books before the first book was even finished.

It wasn't until after Amber moved to Missouri in 2010 when she finished the world, idea, creation and all of the in's and outs of Eidelon.  11 years!  From the time she got the base idea to the final creation of this new world was 11 years.  Unfortunately life always gets busy, as we all know, and often don't have the time to do the things we want to do.  Even though Amber had much passion, vision and desire to continuously write and work on the world of always seemed to have gotten in the way. But she never gave up on it. She always kept it going, working on it from time to time as much as she could over the years.

By the time Roliath was complete, she had timelines, stories and character backgrounds for 4 more continuous novels.  After she moved to Missouri, met and married her husband she was presented with the opportunity to solely concentrate on her writing.  She had everything she needed for the other 4 books all of the words just needed to be typed and she finally had a chance to start it all. Once Roliath was finished and sent off to the editor she was nearly half way finished with Book 2 and while she waited for the editing process she continued to write.  As of now book 2 (Secrets Unveiled) is finished and is the hands of her editor.  She is also halfway through book 3 and just recently started book 4, all while keeping the timeline of events in mind for all 5 books.

Amber drops hints here and there in ROLIATH about where Eidelon come from.  It's even mentioned in ROLIATH that their kind dates back all the way to the Egyptians.  After the events in book 2 moving into books 3, 4 and 5 we learn more about the Eidelon back in the days of the Egyptians. We learn more about who the original maker was, how he or she became that way and how he or she created the clans in the Eidelon world.

In the world of Eidelon there are 6 clans/races;







ROLIATH introduces us to each and every one of these clans/races as we find out about who and where they are, how all of the main characters in present day found and met each other...and how the world wide threat and battle against the Osirians originally began.

The Eidelon Series