By​​ Amber Schunk-Clubb

The Eidelon Series

Real vampires may not be what you thought...

Updates and Future Events

Roliath: The Eidelon Series

*** ROLIATH is now on Kindle... You can now purchase Roliath on Kindle for only $2.99.  Be sure to get your copy soon before the special pricing goes up to the normal price of $4.99 click here to start reading Roliath on your mobile device today! 

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*** ROLIATH is now on Goodreads, click the button below and add it to your list.  Have a question about the book?  Take advantage of the Ask The Author section and voice your question. 

Think you're starting to know Roliath? Click the link below to take the quiz about Roliath on goodreads and find out.  All of the answers can be found in the book.